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Interior design studio in Milan.

I design unique spaces, personalized and made to measure like a tailored suit, so fromtransform your home into your dream home!  

My SInterior Design studio in Milan, deals withboth residential and commercial interior projects

Initially, I do a careful lookanalysis of customer needs and requirements, and above all the potential of the home or commercial business, so that it can then be achievedpersonalized solutions, researched and treated in every detail, with the aim of creatingexclusive taylor-made projects

I follow for this purpose, the clientfrom design to turnkey construction, taking care of all the elements that make up the interior design, that is, carrying out the interior design, the choice of furniture, illighting project, the selection of suppliers, ilcoordination of works and construction times.

Every detail thus has its importance because nothing is left to chance! 

The customer thus finds a point of reference on which he can count in order to resolve any operational problem, as well as having support during all processing phases.

I only use trusted companies and artisans, who have collaborated with me for years,  in the realization of my projects, with the aim of having complete control of costs and timing, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises for my customers.

I carry out interior design projects in Milan, but also throughout Lombardy.

To follow projects of significant importance I also travel from my region, and I also work in Italian Switzerland.

The services offered by my studio are : Projects byInterior Design, Home Styling, Restructuring Projects, Interior furnishings, Interior Architect, Interior architect, Carrying out procedures by trusted collaborators.

Who I am


STUDIO ANGELA ARCHINA' Design & Interior Design

Via Turati, 14 – RHO | Tel. 3470362056