Who I am


My passion for architecture and interior design was born with me, sono cresciuta in una famiglia in cui l’edilizia eradi casa”.
At the age of 7 years, I watched my father draw on the drawing board, and I tried to imitate him…from there I never stopped, I read magazines and leafed through dad's books trying to enter that fascinating world; it was a continuous research and an experiment that led me to be who I am today!!

After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture, I worked for 7 years in Rome, where I was able to collaborate with architecture firms and construction companies, in the construction and renovation of villas and apartments. The creation of the interior, the interaction with the customer to give an idea of ​​each of his ideas, is everything that has always pushed me to create and amaze.

I also worked for an IT company for a while, as an expert in the implementation of projects, with BIM and CAD technologies, this allowed me to acquire knowledge and experience, which made me expand and improve my aptitudes, as well as the techniques, also improving professional relationship skills.

Ma la mia passione pulsava e spingeva forte nell’anima per uscire fuori..

Nel 2011 mi sono trasferita a Milano, dove vivo attualmente. Milan is known, it is a source of inspiration… Fashion, the design emerges from all angles, they live with the city, this is how my experiences with some architecture and interior design studios were born; new project management experiences in the retail sector, but also home creations, new ideas, new lymph…the desire to know led me to deepen and focus on what I had always loved: l’Interior Design.

From 2014 I am a freelancer, I deal with Interior Design in both residential and commercial fields.

A master at the European Telematic Academy and one at the IED (European Institute of Design) they have perfected and honed my knowledge, canalizzato la mia passione ed esaltato il mio lavoro concretizzando il mio sogno.

My work is my passion, the service I offer is not just technical or aesthetic advice, who chooses me, he does it because he wants to have a professional capable of understanding and transforming his aspirations into reality, competently, professionalism and empathy.
Living in an environment that makes us feel good is a fundamental requirement for being happy, this is the goal that I set myself, every time I get an assignment!!

STUDIO ANGELA ARCHINA ’Via Turati, 14 – RHO | Tel. 3470362056 info@angelaarchina-interiordesign.com